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The series “Freias jüngende Frucht IX”, pastel painting on paper from 2019, showcases colourful fruit still lifes. The word creation “Freias jüngende Frucht” refers to “Freia”, the Germanic goddess of love and marriage, which with “jüngende” = “youthful” or “rejuvenating” “fruit” brings man and woman closer together or can bring them closer together again in newly emerging love/affection. Apples and pears, in singular or plural, are usually represented as real fruits in the foreground. In individual cases a rose or a vase is also composed.
In most cases, the background is in red, reddish, pink or reddish brown, the hues of love or being in love. Against this background, the head or historical contours of a couple, a man and a woman, appear in a shadowy manner, looking at each other with new affection or turning to each other in renewed love.

Dr. Werner Chrobak