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From black and white to colourful hustle and bustle
Actually, everything Bröckl does is colourful. There are certainly just as many bright colours in the black of his oil paintings as in the apparent white. He boldly avails himself of the entire colour palette. Only in the more mature stages of creativity does one dominant colour reoccur.
Straight away, we can see how colourful grey granite is to Hans-Jürgen Bröckl. “It took me twenty years to get the grey there, even though it’s so simple.” In between, the eyes are invited to rest on spacious landscapes: layers of different colours merge together, revealing the horizon and leading the heart into the vastness of the Upper Palatinate. Celebratory and moving set pieces in pastel are suggested by a magnificent landscape.
There are colourful red and orange images. The artist calls it a pulse. Cracked surfaces are bloody and pulsating. Scritch-scratch: scrapes and inscriptions carved into thick overpainting. Oil engravings that live and bleed. And some people live in a kind of botany, often in trees, as if this were a natural environment for them, where they entertain themselves or have fun.

Wolfgang Rösch